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For Leah translated over 850 articles on italianità (Italian food, wine, design, travel, etc.), adapting them to suit the website’s American readership, and provided support to Sanpellegrino S.p.A. by translating, editing and adapting its company documents. She worked closely with top managers at The Walt Disney Company Italy, headquarters of Disney’s Global Magazines, in preparation for international presentations, business meetings and negotiations.

For Disney’s Magic English brand she coauthored Il mio primo dizionario (an illustrated Italian/English dictionary for children) and the Kids’ Travel Companion phrasebook. She also contributed to the didactic restyling and creative writing of a series of Magic English readers and helped conceive a variety of brand new products for Disney’s global market.

Leah can translate your company’s business materials, fine-tune your existing texts in English and work with you to craft new documents. If you’re a publisher in need of fresh ideas, she’s at your disposal to brainstorm and develop engaging new publishing concepts and publishing-related initiatives.

Leah was my English and communications coach for many years, and her support was important for my international career, both at Disney and at De Agostini. She’s a talented consultant who helped me craft effective written presentations, always finding just the right tone and wording, and assisted me in preparing for my most important speeches in English. She’s a very creative person who works well with international teams delivering new products and services.

Alessandro Belloni

Consultant at Condé Nast; former Senior Vice President of Global Magazines, Disney Publishing Worldwide; former CEO of De Agostini Publishing

Leah frequently suggested creative improvements on my publishing products and presentations, not only in linguistic terms. Leah participates with both her head and her heart, and this makes her much more than a service provider; instead, she’s an ally, a superconsultant who’s always willing to help and is sensible, precise and reassuring.

Claretta Muci

Journalist and former Editor-in-Chief of Topolino Magazine, The Walt Disney Company Italy

Leah is a very creative and passionate person and brings these qualities to the company and people she works with. Professionalism, dedication, a strong background in publishing.

Aldo Magnone

Headhunter and former HR Country Manager at The Walt Disney Company Italy

She prepares effective, spectacular business presentations. She has a strong creative flair, which makes her a precious member of creative teams and brainstorming sessions. […] She’s precise, punctual, always willing to help, fast, discreet, extremely honest, reliable and highly professional.

Marina Migliavacca

Author and former Editor-in-Chief of Disney Monthly Magazines, The Walt Disney Company Italy

Leah is a great professional translator who over the years has acquired a deep knowledge of the publishing business. A trustworthy translator for any publishing business work, from presentations to articles.

Barbara Schwartz

Global Product Development Director, De Agostini

Read about her translation of
At the Wolf’s Table
(Le assaggiatrici)
by Rosella Postorino

Leah Janeczko uses her creativity, passion
and expert knowledge of Italian and English
to help others express their authentic voice
in a language not their own.