Translation clients

Amici della Scala

Visconti: Cinema, Theatre, Opera, a monograph by Vittoria Crespi Morbio celebrating legendary Italian director Luchino Visconti’s extensive creative career. Published in 2020 by Grafiche Step for Amici della Scala, a non-profit association of supporters of La Scala opera house. By the same author: Prampolini at La Scala (for publication in 2021); Pizzi at La Scala and Maccari at La Scala (translations in progress).

Flatiron Books / Macmillan

At the Wolf’s Table (Le assaggiatrici) by Rosella Postorino. Also published in Australia by Simon & Schuster and, with the title The Women at Hitler’s Table, in the U.K. by HarperCollins. Listed on World Literature Today’s 75 Notable Translations of 2019. Shortlisted for the 2020 Italian Prose in Translation Award (IPTA). Read more about At the Wolf’s Table.

Roberto Piumini

The March 2020 poem about the coronavirus Is There Something in the Air? (Che cos’è che in aria vola?) by Italy’s most beloved children’s author and a nominee for the 2021 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award and the 2022 Hans Christian Andersen Award. Translated for the author, for potential publication, Splendormere (Lo stralisco), Mattia and Grandpa (Mattia e il nonno) and Motu Iti: The Isle of Gulls. For the Marchesato Opera Festival, translated Il Trittico del Ritorno del marchese, a three-episode short film set to Baroque music. Translations in progress: the novella for adults L’amorosa figura and the children’s story Nel regno di Bistoria.

Vicki Satlow Literary Agency

Book samples and synopses to be pitched to international publishers and film producers. Authors include Susanna Tamaro, Franca Fendi, Paola Calvetti, Simone Tempia, Marina Mander, Emanuela Canepa, Roberto Emanuelli, Antonella Boralevi, Simona Sparaco, Romina Casagrande and Silvio Muccino. Two samples were submitted to Books at Berlinale and chosen as finalists, in 2018 and 2020.

Lotus Production

Storylines and, for potential adaptation as a movie or television series, the novel Disobedience (La disobbedienza) by Jude S.K.

Paola Maugeri

Rock and Resilience: Life Lessons from the World of Music and Treading Lightly: My Net-Zero Lifestyle (Con passo lieve), autobiographical works by one of Italy’s most popular DJs, translated directly for the author for potential publication

Marco Martani

Like a Father (Come un padre), an action thriller and the debut novel of this award-winning screenwriter, translated directly for the author for potential publication. Film rights optioned by a major Hollywood studio.

The Walt Disney Company / Disney Global Magazines

For 20 years, consultant to Disney Italy, as of 2000 home to Disney Global Magazines, which was responsible for developing 70% of Disney’s worldwide comics content. Italian-to-English translation of comics, books and magazines, including W.I.T.C.H. comics (115 monthly feature stories and 58 short stories for a total of over 8000 pages) and Tinker Bell/Fairies magazine (74 monthly issues). Adapted character names, story titles, jokes and rhymes for a wide variety of Disney properties.

Elisa S. Amore

The self-published young adult fantasy novels Dark Tournament (2017), Expiation (2016), Brokenhearted (2016), Unfaithful (2016), and Touched (2016).

Random House

The complete “Century” quartet of young adult novels by Pierdomenico Baccalario: Dragon of Seas (2012); City of Wind (2011); Star of Stone (2010); and Ring of Fire (2009).

Stefano Bruscolini

A Monster Named Bill (Il mostro Pino), a children’s story written in rhyme with illustrations by Elena Prette. Translated directly for the author for potential release as a book or app.

Fazi Editore

The novel Bright Star: The Authentic Life of John Keats (2012) by Elido Fazi, published as an ebook.

Maga Animation Studio

Scripts and synopses for animated series, including Acqua in Bocca, The Go!Go!Pig! and Psicovip.


The “Ulysses Moore” children’s novels The Long-Lost Map and The Door to Time (2006) by Pierdomenico Baccalario.

Atlantyca / Dreamfarm / Piemme

Books (full or partial) for children and young adults to be pitched to international publishers. Authors include Geronimo Stilton, Alberto Melis, Luigi Garlando, Elisa Puricelli and Giovanni del Ponte.


Main translator of the books The Water Codex I, II and III by Claudia Moriondo and Giuseppe Vaccarini (former President of the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale).

Leah brilliantly adapted Disney’s worldwide comics hit W.I.T.C.H. for our English-speaking markets.

Alessandro Belloni

Former Senior Vice President of Global Magazines, Disney Publishing Worldwide

In her translations, Leah’s cheerful, collaborative personal exuberance becomes intelligence and taste, creative rigor: a “bright quality” for which an author can only be grateful.

Roberto Piumini

Author and nominee for the 2021 Astrid Lindgren Memorial and 2022 Hans Christian Andersen awards

We turned to Leah with a project that was far from simple: the translation from Italian of a full-length poem for children. Thanks to her experience, the results were even better than we’d hoped for: we managed to keep the rhyme, meter and rhythm without losing a single joke or pun.

Stefano Bruscolini

Author and producer

At Disney Italy she’s always been considered #1 in the field of translations, and working with her is a pleasure, also because of her personal qualities, which everyone recognizes and appreciates.

Claretta Muci

Journalist and former Editor-in-Chief of Topolino (Mickey Mouse magazine)

Leah is capable of interpreting each text and shaping the language in just the right way, to such an extent that many of her translations turn out to be even better for the readership than the original.

Marina Migliavacca

Author and former Editor-in-Chief of Disney's monthly magazines, The Walt Disney Company Italy

Leah is a great translator with a lot of experience in different fields […] She’s fast, reliable, punctual and dedicates great passion and attention to each project.

Massimo Carrier Ragazzi

Owner and Chief Creative Officer, Maga Animation Studio

Read about her translation of
At the Wolf’s Table
(Le assaggiatrici)
by Rosella Postorino

Leah Janeczko uses her creativity, passion
and expert knowledge of Italian and English
to help others express their authentic voice
in a language not their own.