Creative consulting
for musicians

A registered member of SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers), Leah helps Italian bands by:

  • writing song lyrics in English based on their existing music
  • working with them to ensure their existing English lyrics are clear, on message and easy to pronounce
  • translating and adapting their Italian song lyrics into English
  • coaching their singers in English pronunciation before and during studio recording.

The Elephant Man

Wrote lyrics to eight songs on this dark-wave band’s 2023 debut album, Sinners, produced by Steve Lyon and mastered by Tom Baker, with three additional singles in the works.

In 2023 Sinners was officially in the running for a Grammy nomination for Best Alternative Music Album.

Lyrics written for the songs:

With its debut album, Elephant Man depicts a tenebrous hellscape populated by tortured souls. In these songs – stories of grit, of revelry, of madness – we see beyond their freakish masks and glimpse the fragility of humans desperate to find their own personal paradise, an elsewhere between time and space.

“Great album. The originality of both its lyrics and its amazing sound textures are jaw-dropping.”

– Rock Nation

Antonio Magrini / Siveral

Wrote lyrics to seven songs on the alt/prog rock album The Future Is Analog, produced by Max Zanotti:

  • Pray
  • Alvadret
  • Dreamer
  • “Cali
  • “Elga
  • “Lite Gravity
  • “The Future Is Analog

Wrote lyrics to the singles:

Revised a number of the band’s existing songs to simplify pronunciation and clarify meaning. Coached singer in English pronunciation prior to recording, both in person and through custom-made audio files.

Max Forleo / The Traveller

English coaching to singer and fine-tuning of lyrics during studio recording of all songs on the album Uncensored Kingdom II, produced by Max Belladonna:

  • How
  • “Henry the Sixth
  • “Time
  • “Lady Grey
  • “Please

Assisted with lyrics to songs on the album Uncensored Kingdom III:

  • “Azincourt
  • “Unusual Soldier
  • “Two Roses
  • “Talbot
  • “Suffolk

Uncensored Kingdom is a rock album trilogy inspired by Shakespeare’s Richard III and Henry VI.

Riccardo III / Riccardo Secchi

Revision of lyrics and on-site pronunciation coaching to singer during studio recording of “Gordon Pym” (feat. The Traveller).

Revision of lyrics to the songs:

  • “Life Is Too Long”
  • “Oh Lord”
  • “I Drive Slowly”
  • “Please Come Back”
  • “The Oldest Inmate’s Last Day”

Leah… so unique. There may be lots of other English coaches out there, but Leah is like no other.

Leah knows how to translate ideas into music. Could it be because deep down she’s actually an author? I can’t say, all I know is that she has that gift. She transforms your emotions into lyrics, or if you’ve already written them in some form, like in my case, she corrects them, hones them, fine-tunes them for you in the most musical way I’ve ever heard.

Beyond this, she’s helped me when recording many of my songs, correcting my pronunciation and sound. Leah is invaluable.

There’s a sweetness to her, which might be what makes her so good at translating emotions into lyrics.

Max Forleo


I sent Leah some demos with the vocal lines sung in “fake English,” as is often done during composition. Her job was to write lyrics that stuck as closely as possible to each song’s mood and especially to the sounds of the existing vocal lines. The results were absolutely incredible; her lyrics fit both the sense and the sound perfectly.

Antonio Magrini

Songwriter and lead singer of Siveral

I loved the results. I especially appreciated how Leah was able to quickly hone in on different linguistic contexts and make precise and at times decisive suggestions.

Riccardo Secchi

Singer-songwriter of Riccardo III

Leah Janeczko uses her creativity, passion
and expert knowledge of Italian and English
to help others express their authentic voice
in a language not their own.